Uber Settles Long-Standing Australian Lawsuit with Taxi Drivers for $272m

A mobile phone showing Uber app opned

In a major development for the Australian transportation industry, Uber has agreed to pay a whopping $272 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought by frustrated taxi and hire car drivers. The lawsuit, filed back in 2019, claimed that Uber’s operations caused significant financial losses for these drivers.

This landmark settlement, finalized in March 2024, marks a significant victory for the over 8,000 taxi and hire car drivers represented by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers. Imagine five years of legal wrangling! It seems Uber fiercely contested these claims but ultimately conceded just as the case was about to be heard.

“This settlement not only stands as one of the largest class actions in Australian history,” says Michael Donelly, a principal at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, “but it also holds Uber accountable for its past practices. This win demonstrates the power of collective action, even against a formidable opponent like Uber.”

While Uber acknowledges the settlement, they emphasize their contributions to taxi compensation programs since 2018 and view this as a closure to past disputes. The company highlights the significant changes in ridesharing regulations across Australia, positioning itself as a key player in expanding transportation options and creating jobs.

“Our focus remains on providing safe, affordable, and reliable transportation choices for millions of Australians,” Uber states, reaffirming its commitment to the national transportation ecosystem.

This hefty settlement signifies a pivotal moment for the Australian legal landscape. It reflects the power of drivers banding together and the ongoing evolution of the transportation industry. Who knows what the future holds for ride-sharing and taxis, but one thing’s for sure: competition is fierce!